November 25, 2020

Gas station in Barrhaven sold diesel instead of gas. Check if your car is at risk!

Last night 17th of November 2020, the Petro-canada gas station mixed the diesel with gas by mistake and people who filled gas from that gas station are now at risk of damaged engine or other related car issues.

This news was reported by the Ottawa News Network facebook group.

We have been informed by many and also have seen MULTIPLE statements regarding the Petro Canada gas station at Greenbank and Fallowfield (3766 Fallowfield) It seems that GAS and DIESEL have been mixed at the station, and multiple people have been experiencing engine issues.
Please note that if you have filled up at the Greenbank and Fallowfield location, there is a good chance you have put diesel in your GASOLINE vehicle. The error in delivering diesel to the wrong tank is reported to have occurred at approximately 6:30pm last night.
We highly recommend having your vehicle TOWED to the nearest dealership to have your vehicle checked on. Please try not to drive the vehicle as it will ruin your engine.
Thank you
– Admin
This is not the first time that incident like this happened, this happened in past at Greely several at the MacEwan and reportedly the damaged cars expenses were paid off.
Please check your car if you filled you gas around that time or anyone from friend and family.
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